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Our Story

Water is one of the essentials in every living things’ life. Despite knowing its importance to us, not everyone knows how to use water properly and tend to waste water without knowledge.

As a team of passionate engineers, we see the needs and importance of irrigation in water usage and conservation for various applications such as agriculture, landscape and sports facilities. We ensure that we are ahead of the technology trends to provide modern and efficient solutions to satisfied all sorts of needs. We strive to provide the best irrigation solution that inspires you and makes your life easier.

Thus, we decided to form Flow+ to reach out more people who are looking irrigation needs. We aspire to help business users and enthusiasts in achieving their desired outcomes and open up more possibilities. Flow+ ensures sustainability, consistency and efficiency in our products yet being economically friendly.

Our Mission

To create a healthy community and network of people from different backgrounds to seek for the proper advice or share their precious thoughts. Ultimately, we hope to form a community that can reflect their understanding to help the others organize their thoughts.

Mission Statement

Providing sustainable solution for water management

Attracting and educating the community in relation to the irrigation industry

Our Vision

To ensure the availability of safe water for consumption and usage to the people.

Our Values