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When it comes to irrigation system installation and design, valve boxes play an important role, yet often aren’t given much thought. A well-designed valve box can make installations faster and easier while reducing the need for future maintenance.

  • Rain Bird’s VB Series Valve Boxes combine strength and stability with unique features that save contractors time and money
  • Available in multiple sizes and shapes to provide the right fit for any application
  • Wide flange bases and corrugated sides protect valves by offering maximum durability, compression strength and stability under heavy loads
  • Smart lid design with no holes to minimize pest access

Additional features:

  • Lids also have beveled edges that minimize the potential for damage from lawn equipment while allowing for easier hand and shovel access.
  • Body is made from 100 percent recycled materials, making them earth-friendly and LEED compliant.
  • Pipe-hole knockouts designed to fit with most pipe configurations are built into the sides of the valve box for easy pipe placement with little need for time-consuming, tedious cutting.
Material: Plastic
Bottom Diameter: 13.75 inches (34,9 cm)
Height: 10.0 inches (25,4 cm)
Shape: Round
SKU: CARSON 910-10-4 10"ROUND BOX+COVER Category:


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