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SuperNet™ MR & MRD (Medium) (5pcs)


Suitable for mid-size planted orchards, SuperNet™ MR&MRD creates medium wetted diameters (MR 4.5-6.0m; MRD 2.5-3.0m).

The MR model features a revolving irrigation rotor for medium ranges that applies water and fertilizers close to the root zone, while keeping dry strips between rows.

SuperNet™ MRD features a two-stage rotor with a unique stream deflector that allows the wetted diameter to be changed according to the tree’s growth. At first, the rotor with the deflector concentrates water coverage on the area near the young tree. When the tree grows, and the root zone expands, the stream deflector can be broken-off the rotor to enable a wider irrigation diameter. Specially designed for orchards on sloping terrain.

  • Flow regulated micro-sprinkler with 8 different flow rates: 20, 28, 30, 35, 40, 50, 58, 70 l/h
  • Pressure range: 1.5 to 4.0 bar
  • 5 types of inlet connectors: Barb, Self-tapping, Press fit, 3/8” male threaded, 1/2” male threaded
  • 2 types of upper bearing: Standard for normal water and Everspin™ for harsh water 
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